Virgin olive oil

Acidity: <0.6%
K232: <2.30
K270: <0.18
DK: <0.01
Peroxide Value (meqO2/Kg): <16.0


Product Description

Olive Oil not only makes up the source of basic fatty acids necessary for the body which cannot be synthesized and some vitamins (A,D,E,K) and can only be dissolved in oil but also has a high caloric value. It is the only natural fruit oil which can directly be consumed just like fruit juice and has so important position in the human nutrition with its natural odour, taste and color. As a result of the scientific researches and studies carried out in the recent years, the fact that the high biological value of olive oil, its role in nutrition and its importance for health have been proven and that such findings have been made public all over the world has increased the interest in olive oil and caused it to be consumed more. Olive Oil has so important function in preventing the coronary diseases, also effective for the digestive system, bone structure and brain and nervous system. It is very good for the heart and blood vessels.

• It decreases the level of cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis.
• It prevents high blood pressure and diabetes.
• It regulates the digestion system by protecting against gastritis and ulcer.
• It prevents the possibility of formation of gall bladder stones.



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