Wood Pellets

Diameter: 6mm,
Density: 600 kg/m3,
Ash: 0.3 %
Length: 25mm
Calorific Value: 19816 J or 4733 KCal/Kg
Packing : 15kg , 16kg . 1000kg big bags / also as the desire by our buyers, we ship with either our label or buyer’s company label as well.


Product Description

All of our wood pellets come from modern EN+A1 certified wood pellet factories. EN+A1 is the premier standard for wood pellet quality and we recommend that only EN+A1 wood pellets are used in domestic boilers. Beware of retailers claiming their wood pellets are ‘EN+A1 standard’ or ‘comply with the EN+A1 grade’. Only wood pellets bearing the EN+A1 insignia on every pellet bag actually meet the requirements as outlined by the European Pellet Council (EPC). Our customers consistently tell us that we provide the highest quality wood pellet in the Ukrainian market and we will not sell wood pellets that are not fully EN+A1 certified. We export Internationally in various quantities.


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